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RCP Services Spotlight – Risk Management Program (RMP) Support The RMP resubmission clock is ticking! Is your plan ready to go?

Risk Management Programs (RMP’s) must be updated at least once every five years. The majority of facilities submitted their initial RMP’s by the original June 21, 1999 deadline. Most operating companies have not resubmitted their RMP’s since the original deadline. This means that most RMP’s must be fully updated and resubmitted by June 21, 2004.

Carefully developed Risk Management Program strategies are fundamental in the effective management of control measures and personnel resource allocations. The successful integration of evergreen RMP’s and business plans are key in the protecting employees, strengthening community relationships, and guarding company assets against potential damaging events. Proper management of the RMP can mean the difference between improving company profitability and eroding a company’s intrinsic value. RCP’s technical resources can provide insight and focus by partnering with your in-house subject matter specialist. We can work together to keep you a step ahead of the competition in managing the challenges of resubmission and maintenance of your plan. There are new challenges in both the application and interpretation of this major initiative. RCP is ready to come along side to aid in your successful achievement of the next milestone of resubmission. If you have not submitted in the past we can guide you through the process of first time submission.

Owners and operators responsible for RMP implementation should review the factsheet “A Checklist for Resubmitting your Risk Management Plan (RMP) for Chemical Accident Prevention”. This fact sheet provides a checklist to consider in updating and resubmitting RMP’s.

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