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Revised Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Incident and Annual Report Forms

RSPA/OPS has revised the incident and annual report forms for natural gas transmission pipelines to improve the usefulness of the reported data. The failure cause categories have been expanded from five to 25 on the incident report. The annual report form includes two new sections: (1) Mileage by decade of installation and (2) mileage by class location. The complete notice can be downloaded from RCP’s website here.

As of January 1, 2002, all incidents meeting the reporting criteria in 49 CFR 191.15 are to be reported using the revised form RSPA F 7100.2 Incident Report for Gas Transmission and Gathering Systems. RSPA/OPS reminds owners and operators to file supplemental written reports (on RSPA Form F7100.2) if additional information on an incident later becomes available. Owners and operators are reminded that all relevant costs must be included in the estimated property damage total on the initial written incident or accident report as well as on supplemental reports. This includes (but is not limited to) costs of: Property damage to the operator’s facilities and to property of others; commodity/product not recovered; facility repair and replacement; gas distribution service restoration and relighting; leak locating; right-of-way clean-up, and environmental clean-up and damage. Facility repair, replacement, or change that is not necessitated by the incident should not be included.

Beginning March 15, 2002, the annual reports required by 49 CFR 191.17 are to be filed using the revised form RSPA F 7100.2-1 Annual Report for Gas Transmission and Gathering Systems. RSPA/OPS understands that operators may need some time to adjust information collection systems and research the new information requested for the annual report filing. If exact information is unavailable, requests for extensions of the filing date may be made to OPS’ Information Resources Manager at (202) 366-4569. Pipeline owners and operators may estimate mileage by decade and mileage by class location.

Forms and instructions are downloadable from the OPS home page at (in the “FORMS” section under “ONLINE LIBRARY”). RSPA/OPS is also implementing electronic reporting for natural gas transmission pipeline incidents by January 1, 2002, and for annual reports by January 15, 2002, for the annual report due March 15, 2002. Details are available on the OPS home page.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Roger Little, (202) 366-4569, or by e-mail,