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Virginia Proposed Rule: Professional Engineering Stamps for Gas Projects

[Case No. URS-2020-00052]

The State of Virginia proposes to establish a new chapter, 20VAC5-360, Licensed Professional Engineer to Exercise Responsible Charge over Certain Natural Gas Engineering Projects. The new regulation requires that licensed professional engineers exercise responsible charge over certain pipeline projects undertaken by natural gas companies jurisdictional to the State Corporation Commission where such projects, among other things, present a material risk to public safety.  The proposed rule requires PE stamps for:

  1. New installation of district pressure regulator stations, compressor stations, or gate stations.
  2. Reconfiguration or physical facility changes performed at district pressure regulator stations, compressor stations, or gate stations that alter or modify the configuration or overpressure protection of equipment.
  3. Installation, uprating, repair, or abandonment of intrastate transmission pipelines.
  4. Any distribution main piping modifications or replacement work falling within established district regulator awareness zones as established by each operator.
  5. Any construction or maintenance work on distribution mains that changes the system operating pressure and requires a bypass or a change in the system operating pressure that involves more than two tie-ins.
  6. Installation of distribution mains where such mains attach to bridges or other engineered structures.
  7. Installation of distribution mains, including replacements and extension projects, that are within or cross any public right-of-way.
  8. Installation or abandonment of service lines connecting to transmission lines or a high-pressure distribution main with an MAOP that exceeds 90 PSIG.
  9. Installation of peak shaving facilities, to include any modifications or reconfigurations that would alter such a facility’s pressure delivery characteristics.
  10. Any other project in the judgment of the operator that poses a material risk to public safety.

On or before February 2, 2021, any interested person may file comments on the Proposed Rules by following the instructions found on the Commission’s website. Such comments may also include proposed modifications and hearing requests. All filings shall refer to Case No. URS-2020-00052. Any request for hearing shall state with specificity why the issues raised in the request for hearing cannot be addressed adequately in written comments. If a satisfactory request for hearing is not received, the Commission may consider the matter and enter an order based upon the papers filed herein.

For further information, you Really Cool People can contact: Lauren Govoni, Deputy Director, Utility and Railroad Safety Division, State Corporation Commission, Tyler Building, 1300 East Main Street, P.O. Box 1197, Richmond, VA 23218, telephone (804) 371-9590, FAX (804) 371-9734, or email