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Misc. Changes to Administrative Procedures, Address Updates, and Technical Amendments

[Docket No. PHMSA-2007-0033]

PHMSA has issued an interim final rule to conform their administrative procedures with the Pipeline Inspection, Protection, Enforcement, and Safety Act of 2006 (PIPES Act) by establishing the procedures PHMSA will follow in issuing safety orders and handling requests for special permits, including emergency special permits. The interim final rule also notifies operators about electronic docket information availability; makes minor amendments reflecting the recent relocation of DOT headquarters; updates several Web site addresses, telephone numbers, and routing symbols; and clarifies the time period for processing requests for written interpretations of the regulations. The interim final rule is effective April 28, 2008, and does not impose any new operating, maintenance, or other substantive requirements on pipeline owners or operators.

For a copy of the new rule, please contact Jessica Roger.