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MMS Proposed Changes to ROW Pipeline Requirements

RIN 1010-AD18

MMS is proposing to amend its regulations to require lessees, lease operators, and pipeline right-of-way (ROW) holders to submit assessment information on the structural integrity of their OCS platforms each year, and to submit an inspection program to MMS yearly. Also, a damage report would be required if a facility or pipeline was damaged by a hurricane or other natural phenomena. Lessees, lease operators, and pipeline ROW holders proposing to use unbonded flexible pipe for pipelines, or to install pipeline risers on floating platforms, would have to provide additional information on their projects. The proposed rule also would incorporate an industry-developed standard concerning the in-service inspection of mooring hardware for floating drilling units. These proposed changes would allow MMS to better regulate the safety of the oil and gas infrastructure, and to promptly assess damage resulting from hurricanes or other natural phenomena.

Submit comments by September 1, 2006 by sending an e-mail to Use the RIN 1010-AD18 in the subject line. Send comments on the information collection in this rule by August 2, 2006 to:

Interior Desk Officer 1010-AD18
Office of Management and Budget
202/395-6566 (facsimile)
Please also send a copy to MMS.

Larry Ake
Regulations and Standards Branch
(703) 787-1567