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Who is RCP?

Many people know RCP because of our newsletters, training programs, or perhaps because we have done a specific project for their company. But few people understand much about the company itself, and the range of our services. That’s easy to understand, since we’ve grown over 50% each year for the past 5 years. The company you knew 4 years ago was a fraction of the size of our company today and tomorrow we plan to be bigger still.

RCP Inc. (a.k.a. Regulatory Compliance Partners) is a professional engineering corporation, registered in Texas. Our main office is in downtown Houston (recently expanded), with another office in Baton Rouge – but we work throughout the United States, and increasingly overseas. We have employees in 7 states, and have professional engineering registrations in TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, TN, and OK. We serve over 100 clients, and typically have about 50 projects in progress each month. RCP specializes in the following types of services:

  1. Regulatory Consulting
  2. Compliance Services
  3. Engineering Services

Regulatory Consulting: Typically, these services are provided by subject matter experts with 20+ years of experience. These engagements normally address corporate compliance issues, such as determining the applicability of various regulations to a facility, auditing facilities for compliance with regulations and industry standards, negotiating compliance issues with the applicable agency, and consulting with corporate management on development and implementation of an effective compliance management process. This includes acquisition due-diligence, litigation support and expert witness services.

Compliance Services: These include both day-to-day support activities (such as technical writing, training, permitting, GIS / mapping and on-site personnel) and development of specific compliance programs. For example, we’ve done hundreds of SPCC plans and OPA-90 manuals, over 200 procedure manuals of al types, 42 complete integrity management programs, dozens of public awareness programs, plus class location surveys, HCA analyses, program audits, and so forth. We are a value-added reseller for ESS, one of the leading environmental management software providers. Our employees have served as on-site compliance inspectors during construction projects, as in-house compliance personnel for oil and gas operators, etc. For some of our clients, we literally ARE their compliance organization. For others, we provide the assistance that they need from time to time to supplement their existing compliance organization.

Engineering Services: As a professional engineering corporation, RCP provides additional services to our clients that extend beyond routine compliance support. These include RSTRENG and B31G analysis, span analysis, MOP / MAOP calculations, integrity assessment data review and remediation program development, selection or review of design specifications, and construction management.

If you are still reading, and would like to know more, feel free to call Jessica Roger at 832-255-7809 or email: