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Updates to Standards “Incorporated by Reference”

On July 18, 2005, PHMSA published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to incorporate by reference 39 new and/or reaffirmed editions of standards into the Federal pipeline safety regulations. All but one of the new editions has now been incorporated by reference into the regulations in 49 CFR 192, 193, and 195. In addition, minor rule changes have been made to correct previous typographical errors, and to accommodate revised section numbering within the updated standards. The phrase, “HIGH CONSEQUENCE AREAS”, that appears after § 192.755 has been deleted. This phrase was a typographical error. The title to subpart O of part 192 has been changed to read, “Gas Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management”. This new title accurately reflects that the subpart applies only to gas transmission pipelines. The addenda for selected API tank standards are an integral part of the new editions of these standards, and have been explicitly cited in the revised rules:

  • API Standard 620-include Addendum 1
  • API Standard 650-include Addenda 1-3
  • API Standard 653-include Addendum 1

PHMSA has chosen not to update the regulatory references found in the 2004 edition of the American Society for Testing and Materials’ (ASTM) D2513, Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings. A number of important issues need to be fully addressed by the ASTM Committee F-17 before PHMSA adopts any new editions of ASTM D2513. Among these are the issues of rework, regrind, marking, increase in design factor, and requirements for new materials. The gas pipeline safety regulations therefore continue to reference standards found in ASTM D2513 (1999 edition) and ASTM D2517 (2000 edition) for plastic pipe and fittings.