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New MMS NTL on Damage Caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) Gulf of Mexico OCS Region (GOMR) has issued NTL 2005-G20 (superseding NTL 2005-G16) to describe the inspections to conduct and the plans and reports to prepare because of the known and potential damage to OCS facilities caused by Hurricane Katrina when it struck land on August 29, 2005, and Hurricane Rita when it struck land on September 24, 2005.

By November 4, 2005, lessees and operators on federal leases and pipeline right-of-way holders on the OCS must submit the information listed below by e-mail to

  • A list of all OCS platforms and other structures that are required to be surveyed.
  • For each listed structure, an initial inspection plan that generally describes the work to be performed to determine the condition of the structure; and
  • A timetable that shows completion of all inspections by May 5, 2006.

The MMS GOMR will review the initial inspection plans and advise you concerning their acceptability. As you gain experience from your inspection efforts, you may submit amendments to your list and inspection plans for MMS consideration. Thoroughly justify all requested changes. Further, submit an amendment to your inspection plan whenever the results of a Level II survey require you to conduct a Level III survey.

Contact Jessica Roger at RCP for the full text of the NTL, containing detailed inspection requirements.