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PHMSA Final Rule on Misc. Changes to Pipeline Safety Regulations

[Docket No. PHMSA-2010-0026; Amdt. Nos. 191-23; 192-120;195-100]

This final rule responds to petitions for reconsideration of the final rule that PHMSA published on March 11, 2015, amending the pipeline safety regulations to make miscellaneous changes that updated and clarified certain regulatory requirements. PHMSA is delaying the effective date of the amendment to 49 CFR 192.305 indefinitely. During this delay, PHMSA will be evaluating the ways operators are currently complying with § 192.305, developing guidance (based on input from industry and other regulatory bodies) and hosting a series of workshops on the guidance. Upon completion of this evaluation, PHMSA will determine the efficacy of the amendment and decide if any additional amendments to the current regulations are warranted and to propose any necessary amendments to § 192.305. Please note, the effective date for all the other amendments contained in the final rule remains October 1, 2015. Take note, this amendment did not change the hazardous liquids self-inspection limitations found within § 195.204 Inspection—general.

The amendments published on March 11th addressed several subject matter areas, including the performance of post-construction inspections, Type B onshore gas gathering line leak surveys, qualifying plastic pipe joiners, ethanol regulation, pipe transportation, offshore pipeline condition report filing, pressure reduction calculations for hazardous liquid pipeline anomalies, and components fabricated by welding.

The effective date of the amendment to 49 CFR 192.305, published at 80 FR 12779, March 11, 2015, is now delayed indefinitely. For a copy of this Final Rule, Response to Petitions for Reconsideration, contact Jessica Foley.