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PHMSA Issues Advisory Bulletin ADB-07-01 Senior Executive Signature & Certification of IMP Performance Reports

On December 29, 2006, the Pipeline Inspection, Protection, Enforcement and Safety Act was signed into law. The law, known as the PIPES Act, includes a provision requiring the senior executive officers of pipeline operating companies to certify annual and semiannual pipeline integrity management program performance reports. This advisory provides information to assist pipeline operators with certifying future submissions of annual and semiannual pipeline integrity management program performance reports.

Specifically, the law requires each report to include a signed statement certifying that the senior executive officer has reviewed the report and to the best of the senior executive officer’s knowledge and belief, this report is true and complete.

Operators of gas transmission pipelines are required by 49 CFR §192.945 to submit IMP performance measures semiannually. Operators are encouraged to submit the IMP reports using the electronic form available on PHMSA’s Web site. Electronic forms can be found by clicking here.

PHMSA requires hazardous liquid pipeline operators to submit annual reports providing information about their pipeline infrastructure and their integrity management program. Operators are required to submit these reports annually and by June 15 for the previous calendar year in accordance with 49 CFR §195.49. Operators are encouraged to use the Online Data Entry System (ODES) to submit annual reports. Electronic forms can be found here.

For more information or a copy of this advisory, contact Jessica Roger.