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Proposed Arizona Intrastate Pipeline Amendments

The Arizona Corporation Commission’s Pipeline Safety Division has proposed rules aimed at making natural-gas and gasoline pipelines safer and their operators more accountable. These regulations include amendments to transportation rules R14-5-202, R14-5-203, R14-5-204 and R14-5-205. The amendments will update the rules to incorporate the most recent amendments to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49, Parts 40, 191, 192, except I (2) and (3) of Appendix D to Part 192, 193, 195 (except 195.1(b)(2) and (3)) and 199 revised as of January 15, 2004. In addition new regulations are proposed to:

  • Set parameters for laboratory testing for both intrastate pipeline operators and master meter operators;
  • Require the operator retain a removed portion of pipeline that failed for any reason other than observable external corrosion or third-party damage and notify the Commission’s Office of the removal within two hours after completing the removal and provide specific information about the removed portion of pipeline. The Commission’s Office will decide within 48 hours if the removed section must be tested (and will stipulate the details and laboratory) or if it can be discarded. The operator will be required to notify he Commission’s Office at least 20 days prior to a test being conducted to allow a representative from the Commission’s Office to observe the test if they would like. Within 30 days of the completion of the tests, the operator shall ensure that the original laboratory test results are provided to the Commission’s Office. These tests are to be paid for by the operator. (R14-5-202(S) and R14-5-205(P).)
  • Operators of hazardous liquid pipelines must file annual reports. (R14-5-204(A)).
  • All newly installed hazardous liquid or gas intrastate pipelines will be required to have proper bedding and shading as described in R14-5-202(O) and R14-5-205(I).
  • All plastic pipe and fittings must be marked “Gas” and per ASTM D2513 (R14-5-202(P) and R14-5-205(J))