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RCP Services Spotlight – Security Regulatory Assistance

RCP partners with companies on providing requirements for the United States Coast Guard Security Plan, DOT Hazardous Materials, and Pipeline security regulatory requirements in a prompt and cost effective manner. RCP has completed training and the requisite security plans for pipeline, barge, petrochemical, refinery, truck transport, and other facility locations. Independent Audits to meet USCG Security Plan regulatory requirements are coming due soon. RCP can provide a cost effective solution with business specific considerations for your regulated plans.

  • Plan Development, Implementation, and Training – Over the years, RCP has identified that plan development, implementation and initial training for employees are the first major milestones. We can mobilize our resources and partner with you to meet the additional security requirements in a cost effective manner. One top priority includes checklists of complete “Security” requirements for plan completion, implementation, and training.
  • Training for All Employees & Contractors – RCP’s Plans and Awareness training are also available for all employees & contractors who have job responsibilities detailed in security plans including the contents and substance of the plan at the facility(ies) under: 33 CFR 104, 33 CFR 105, 33 CFR 106, CFR 172 HazMat, 49 CFR 192, 49 CFR 193, 49 CFR 195, and others
  • Work with LEPC’s and Public Authorities – RCP can partner with your organization to fully and concisely establish plans and actions in cooperation with local LEPC’s and public authorities. It is critical to spend time ensuring that LEPC and emergency responders understand the substantive portions of your security plan as it relates to their roles in your organization. We have valued experience and success with achieving goals in meeting these challenging requirements.
  • Customized Plans to Fit Your Needs – Another example of how RCP can assist you is by providing details to meet your specific needs such as new hires. Under 49 CFR 172, new hires must be trained ninety (90) days of employment and/or assignment in an area requiring a security plan.

RCP is ready and looking forward to partner with you on assuring regulatory compliance for your applicable facilities. Please contact Jessica Roger or Jonathan Barber at (713) 655-8080 to discuss your needs and how RCP can assist you.