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PST 2007 Conference – November 15 & 16

The Pipeline Safety Trust will be hosting another pipeline safety conference: Increasing Pipeline Safety through Shared Planning; A conference for all stakeholders. The agenda is under development but will include topics such as:

  • The need for land use policies affecting the siting, width, and other characteristics of new pipeline corridors.
  • Setbacks and other measures that could be adopted to protect structures that are built and maintained near pipelines.
  • Development of industry best practices for the specification, acquisition, development and maintenance of pipeline ROW.
  • The need for the Federal Government to develop guidance about appropriate vegetation and environmental management practices that would provide habitat for some species, avoid threats to pipeline integrity and allow for pipeline operators’ regulatory obligations to maintain ROW to inspect pipelines.
  • Raise the awareness of the risks and hazards of encroachment on pipeline ROW.
  • Formation of the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA)

The conference will be held at the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. Registration and more information can be found here.