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Regulation of Liquid Gathering Pipelines

Buck Furrow of OPS gave a presentation at the Dec. 13, 2005, technical advisory committee meetings concerning regulation of rural crude oil gathering pipelines. The existing hazardous liquid pipeline safety regulations regulate non-rural onshore gathering lines. Hazardous liquid gathering lines are currently defined as pipelines that are 8 5/8″ in diameter or less that transport petroleum from a production facility (note that this definition is very different from the definition of GAS gathering lines, which is the topic of separate rulemakings). OPS is considering changes to this definition to regulate liquid gathering lines based on a combination of size, stress level, and ability to affect a high consequence area. OPS is also considering what type of regulation is appropriate for regulated gathering lines (perhaps a subset of the current pipeline safety regulations). OPS has not yet developed a proposed rulemaking in this area, but has established a docket to contain any comments that are received (#15864).