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RCP Web-Based Tracking Systems

We’ve developed two (extremely handy) web-based applications that will organize your compliance information.

RCP’s Compliance Management System manages all of your permit requirements, inspections, procedures and data requirements. The Compliance Management System’s email reminders and document links provide you with the information that you need to stay in compliance with the hundreds of regulatory tasks.

RCP’s Leak Tracking System tracks all leaks through their life span and compiles the data into annual DOT reports or semi-annual TRRC reports. (The TRRC report can be quickly uploaded into the TRRC Electronic Document Interchange process.) RCP’s Leak Tracking System is customizable so that field personnel can load data from laptops or hand-held devices. It’s simple to use, easy to access and can be integrated so that the leak data can be automatically sent to your GIS system.

Because these are web-based applications, there are no IT issues to struggle through to get started. For more information on either of these systems, please contact Jessica Roger.