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TRRC Approves Pipeline Safety Program Fee Increase

The Railroad Commission of Texas (TRRC) has approved adoption of amendments to §8.201, relating to Pipeline Safety Program fees, without changes to the version published in the July 3, 2009 issue of the Texas register which increases the maximum annual natural gas pipeline safety inspection fee from $.50 per service line to $1.00 per service line. TRRC also adopted amendments to section 8.201 (b) to increase the annual assessment rate from $.50 to $.70 for each service line reported to be in service at the end of each calendar year by each system operator on the Distribution Annual Report, Form F7100.1-1 (to be filed on March 15 of each year) in order to meet the requirements of the pipeline safety program. (See related article in the DOT Pipeline News July 2009 edition.)

The effective date of the amendments is September 21, 2009.

For a copy of this final rule, contact Jessica Roger.