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Steve Nowaczewski Joins RCP’s Underground Gas Storage Team

Steve Nowaczewski has joined RCP’s Underground Gas Storage Team. If you have been in the storage industry, you probably already know Steve. He has spent over 35 years in the industry developing and operating underground natural gas storage facilities in North America. Steve is an industry leader, including co-chairing the task group that developed API Recommended Practice 1171, “Functional Integrity of Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities in Depleted Reservoirs and Aquifers”. Steve has earned the American Gas Association Gold Award of Merit and was awarded the AGA Trailblazer Award for recent underground gas storage regulatory advocacy efforts. Over the last few years, Steve has participated in and led’ the API/INGAA/AGA Joint Industry Task Force on Gas Storage Integrity, publishing white papers on well integrity, emergency shut down valves and risk management processes. Steve joins RCP’s incredible group of underground gas storage integrity leaders, including Rick Gentges, Terry Rittenhour and Phil Baker, providing expert support for this vital segment of the natural gas industry. For more information or to inquire about RCP’s underground gas storage integrity support, visit our website or contact Jessica Foley.