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OSHA Standards Improvement Project-Phase II

On January 5, 2005, OSHA published revisions to its regulations that revised or removed a number of health provisions in its standards for general industry, shipyard employment, and construction. The Agency believes that the changes streamline and make more consistent the regulatory requirements in OSHA health and safety standards. In some cases, OSHA has made substantive revisions to requirements because they are outdated, duplicative, unnecessary, or inconsistent with more recently promulgated health standards. The Agency believes these revisions will reduce regulatory requirements for employers without reducing employee protection. Changes to the regulations include:

  • first aid kit requirements;
  • laboratory licensing;
  • periodic exposure monitoring;
  • reporting the use of alternative control methods;
  • evaluating chest x-rays;
  • signing medical opinions;
  • semiannual medical examinations;
  • requirements to notify OSHA of certain events;
  • semiannual updating of compliance plans;
  • employee notification requirements; and
  • methods of communicating illness outbreaks in temporary labor camps.

The final rule becomes effective March 7, 2005. Certain sections in part 1910 are incorporated by reference in parts 1915, shipyard employment, and 1926, construction. Therefore, any changes to referenced sections in part 1910 also apply to parts 1915 and 1926.

If you would like a copy of the rule revisions, or would like to discuss how RCP can help ensure you are in compliance with these revised regulations, please contact Jessica Roger at or call (713) 655-8080.