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Army Corps Completes Initiative to Name a Lead District for the Regulatory Program in Each state

The Army Corps of Engineers has identified Lead Districts for Regulatory Program administration for states with multiple district offices. This change will provide a single point of contact for state development, transportation, and natural resource regulatory agency coordination. Lead districts are responsible for:

  • Consistent, statewide implementation of Regulatory Program technical and policy guidance.
  • Development and coordination of Corps-State strategies for program efficiencies.
  • Development and coordination of nationwide general permits regional (statewide) conditions, as appropriate.
  • Establishment of a single point of contact for the state (or multiple contacts for various state agencies) to address questions and direct them to the responsible Corps officials and/or appropriate districts.
  • Develop/maintain/coordinate a statewide coordination list of Federal, state and tribal agency representatives and other appropriate public entities to coordinate lead district, statewide initiatives.

For a list of lead districts within each state, visit the following website: