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RCP Services Spotlight – SPCC & Response Planning Capabilities

RCP has developed or revised OPA-90 plans and SPCC plans for both large and small facilities throughout the US in order to meet the February 17, 2006 deadline. Our previous experience with contingency plans enables us to be very efficient in the development of these plans. We are very familiar with the necessary cross-references, indices, graphs and charts, and appropriate plan formats. The types of services we provide include the following:

  • SPCC Plans and Revisions – RCP will produce a PE certified SPCC plan for your facilities as required by EPA requirements found in 40 CFR 112, revised effective August 16, 2002. This includes an on site assessment by RCP to verify facilities, secondary containment, and determine the lowest cost approach to achieve compliance with the new rule. RCP recently completed and certified SPCC Plans for a customer with a variety of complex facilities including a large chemical plant, polymers plant, natural gas pipeline compressor station, liquids pipeline facility, and a petroleum products storage terminal.
  • OPA 90 Plans (MMS, DOT, EPA, USCG) – We specialize in development of facility and operations-specific oil spill contingency plans under OPA 90 in compliance with all DOT, USCG, EPA, or MMS regulations, and consistent with the National Contingency Plan and appropriate Area Contingency Plans.
  • Integrated Contingency Plans – RCP can develop an Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) for you that combines multiple facility response and contingency plans into a single, user-friendly facility response plan.
  • Seminars, Workshops and Specialized Training – RCP is prepared to conduct a SPCC workshop on-site for your company and tailor the content to your company’s specific needs. We can also provide all types training to meet MMS, DOT, EPA and USCG regulations.

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