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Texas Pipeline Safety Rule Revisions – loose ends

Pursuant to Texas Government Code, §2001.027 and 1 TAC §91.38(d), the proposed new section §8.110 that appeared in the May 7, 2004, issue of the Texas Register (29 TexReg 4394), has been automatically withdrawn. The withdrawn section is given below:

§8.110.Operations and Maintenance Procedures.

Each pipeline operator shall prepare a manual or procedural plan, required by 49 CFR Parts 191, 192, 193, 195 or 199, as applicable, and shall make it available for Commission inspection upon request. If the Commission finds the plan is inadequate to achieve safe operation, the operator shall revise the plan.

Based on comments, the Commission decided not to adopt the proposed new §8.110, Operations and Maintenance Procedures, which was derived from prior §§7.70(i) and 7.84(d). Federal rules incorporated by reference already require the preparation and use of operations and maintenance (O&M;) manuals. Deleting this rule will eliminate the unnecessary provision that requires operators to submit O&M; manuals to the Commission 20 days prior to the effective date. The Commission already has the authority to require that an operator revise its O&M; plan if the Commission finds the plan is inadequate to achieve safe operation.

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